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Thread: Bucuti.. entertainment

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    Bucuti.. entertainment

    Hello all.

    I'm very tempted to book the Bucuti for our October Honeymoon, but the Fiance is worried about night time entertainment. We are not ones who like to go to night clubs or stuff like that, so she is concerned that without night time entertainment (like an all inclusive would have) that we will be bored. We are more the "entertain us" type who want a show where we don't have to involve ourselves. And I have the attention span of a baby squirrel.

    I do understand that it's our Honeymoon! So keep those dirty thougts to yourself

    My question - is there anything to do in the Bucuti area after dark?

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    I can't speak of the Bucuti but part of the allure of Aruba is the ability to get around the island safely. Dinner out is the usual form of entertainment and the ability to go to different restaurants is great. Having said that there are lots of places to go for coffee, listen to music and just enjoy walking around at night. When at an AI, you need something to entertain because you are not leaving the resort.

    Don't worry so much, Aruba has lots to offer and with this great BB, we will have your whole trip sorted out in no time!
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    Bucuti is a good place to stay. Me and my wife stayed there for our honeymoon and the second trip and will be staying there for our third July trip with our 11 month old. Bucuti has a movie night on the beach if you are into that, I think it's on Tuesdays. Happy Hour is another way to relax and enjoy the sound of waves. Then after that, drive yourself to the high rise area and you will find music and more fun. Also, next to Bucuti, near Alhambra casino, there are shows that you can visit. I remember visiting some magic and comedy shows, it was ok, and should entertain you.
    It's impossible to be bored in Aruba.
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