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Thread: Bucuti Price Hike??

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    Bucuti Price Hike??

    Hello all,

    Wow, so I backed off of my trip planning for a bit and now that I am looking for next winter I go to Bucuti's website and they have WAY jacked their prices!

    I was really looking forward to staying there, but may now need to rethink the whole thing

    I wonder why they did that???

    Very disappointed in Bucuti right now...

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    Yes they did up their rates and also extended their winter season rates longer. My understanding is that they have not adjusted rates in a while and also the new rate includes a full breakfast compared to the Continental breakfast curently served. I actually booked our trip for March and will be staying there for our first time. In the past I have stayed at the Rad once and the Divi twice. One last note is that if you are a AAA member they will give you a 10% discount off the room. Just ask when making the reservations and bring you AAA card with you.

    Next Aruba trip in

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    Also check pricing with MCM Tours You would need to phone them in order to see if they are offering any specials.

    With that said, I know in the past, people before have been able to get a less expensive package booking the Bucuti through MCM rather than booking directly with the resort.

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