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Thread: Contact for the Marriott

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    Contact for the Marriott

    We are travelling back to the Marriott for our 9th trip to the island, however this trip will be different than all the others......we are now have an 8 month old that is coming with us for his First Aruba trip! This will be very much a learning experience for us, but we are bringing grandparents to help

    I need to contact the Surf Club to reserve Crib, high chair for the room, how do I do that?

    Any other hints that we should know about travelling with an infant ~ I have researched past links, but any recent info would be greatly appreciated.

    Your information is so greatly appreciated!

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    Contact Marriott Vacation Club if you are an owner....
    If not an owner.... to get the email address and/or phone number to call and make request. There are a limited number of cribs, so the sooner the better. Traveling with an 8 month old.... flying..... good luck and wish you well!
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    Thanks Zippy!
    We leave on the 9th of May ~ so looks like you may get to witness first hand our craziness of a vacation!

    Going to email the vacation club now! Thanks so much!

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