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Thread: Divi 3 star ??

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    Divi 3 star ??

    I was wondering about the general standard of Divi Beach resort.
    Since only beeing a 3 star resort. We are used to 4 and 5 star in Mexico Jamaica and Cuba. Can anyone tell why this is only 3 star,what is the difference ? Is the food more bad or what ??

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    You will find the difference in both the rooms and food. The rooms do not have upgraded marble and are just basically hotel rooms rather than having a large sitting area. The food will not be as good either. Although I was at a 4* in Jamaica in Oct. 2008 and a lot of the food was inedible.

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    I went to the Divi 3 years ago. I would say the three stars describes it well. How well you like it is dependent on how important luxury is to you and how picky you are.

    The rooms are adequate. Bed is a little hard and bathrooms are VERY plain and crowded (toilet is close to tub). Bathrooms seemed kinda dingy. But the balconey of the room that we stayed on was wonderful. It looked over the smaller pool and when we opened the balconey every morning it was just perfect!!!

    The food is ok. The buffet food is ok. Some nights there wasn't anything on the buffets that sounded good to eat. The sit downs are good, but I don't remember any meals as very memorable. But if all else fails, the pizza bar is very good. It has other basic stuff like chicken nuggets and fries, but they will make a pizza with what ever toppings you want and it is wood-fired. So very yummy.

    We didn't care about the rooms to much because we went out on a lot of excursions and really only used it to sleep. We didn't mind the food too much either, because at night we went out a couple of times to enjoy the food that Aruba had to offer and got some nice dinners.

    The beach is nice, and very quiet. It is not very crowded and there are no vendors like there are on Palm Beach with the high rises. Depending on what you are looking for this is a good thing or a bad thing. If you are young and like action, you won't find very much of it at the Divi.

    The staff is very nice.

    If you are picky, you may not love it, but if you go to have fun with an open mind and don't have high expectations, you will enjoy it.

    For us, we are going again in April and are trying the AI at the Occidental. The occidental is 4 stars and depending on when you buy, can cost the same or even less than the Divi (at least for us in Indiana).
    But we still had a good experience at the Divi and prob would go again (depending on price comparisions at the time of booking).

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    We prefer the Tam, but by staying at the Divi you can use both(sister resorts), buffets OK, also there are 10 restaurants you can choose from including Windows on Aruba, great views & service, $30pp off the main menu, highly discounted, and enclosed for a non windy sunset view.

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    Fry covered it perfectly. The only thing I would add is that the rooms that don't get direct sunshine can get a little musty, though they clean very well every day.

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    Divi All inclusive is the best !!!
    I have stayed at the Divi every year for the last 6 years. Well except last year we just couldnt afford it We never go anywhere else we love it there so much. Yes I agree it's not 5 star. But the beach and most bartenders and service people are ! The Red Parott resturant is very good. And the pizza bar OMG !! YUMMIE !! All my family and friends who we have referred to the Divi love it as well and cant wait to go back. We feel safe and very comfortable there, it's like our home away from home

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