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Thread: Divi AI rooms

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    Divi AI rooms

    Hello everyone,
    I've been reading a lot of really helpful posts about the rooms to request at Divi. But I'm a bit confused. We would like to stay in a room that is quiet, with a water view. What is our best option? Veranda? Casitas? Vista? Something else? Also, we were thinking about the Renaissance...anyone ever stayed there? How does it compare to Divi? Thanks for the help! Its much appreciated!
    Gina and Mark

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    Read my other post on the Renniassance....we love it there. You can choose a suite for 4, or at the adult Marina...We like the suite as there is 4 of us. Love to put that coffee on in the pm, and wake up to it brewing right in the room. Has 2 apt. isze frigs, micro, big bathroom 2 sinks, king bed....I am partial to the place....

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