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Thread: Divi Aruba all inclusive

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    Quote Originally Posted by katherine View Post
    Thanks for all the info. The dinner reservations are now 2 nights in advance? That would be great - when we booked it was 3 nights then changed to 1 night at a time which i was not looking forward to.
    Yes, it had been 3. When we were there in June it was down to 1. Now in December it was 2. At least a compromise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by katherine View Post
    Also is there a store that sells snacks (ie chips, crackers, sodas etc) for a semi reasonable price at the resort. Know food is all inclusive, but still would like some small snacks and sodas for the room.

    Last question for now is the brand of soda - hoping Diet Coke is available. I can handle an occasional Pepsi, but am a die hard coke fan.
    The shop at the Divi is located next to the car rental and DePalm booking counters. It is to your right as you enter the main entrance at the Divi, the checkin counter is to your left.

    Do yourself a favor and buy a "real" coke while you're down there. My wife is a die-hard diet pepsi drinker, except in Aruba. They still use the old formula with real sugar and it is significantly better than what you get back home. I've been known to bring some back from summer and fall trips. Fortunately, a local store has "passover coke", which is essentially the same thing.

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