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Thread: Divi Village Golf Resort

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    Divi Village Golf Resort

    We are planning our 2nd trip to Aruba March 2010 for 1wk. Want to stay at the Divi Village Golf Resort, just don't know which room to choose. We would love a view of the ocean, or even part of the ocean. We are looking at the Studio and the Studio Villas. Any pros and cons would be very helpful

    Thank you!!!

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    I own 3 weeks in all different sections of Divi...I own in "C" building on the 4th floor as well as on the 1st floor...also in the Villas....IMO only it really doesn't matter, however the older first buildings are closer to the beach and thus easier to lug all the junk we take (you know, coolers with the mandatory frozen vodka lemonade slushies)...we have a great view of the ocean on the 4th floor...but I am happy just to be in Aruba!!!!
    But if I were you I would try for one of the C building room so you can have a front row view of the ocean...just make sure you ask specifically for it..
    Then enjoy yourself with an ice cold Balashi !!!!!

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