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Thread: Divi Wristbands

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    Question Divi Wristbands

    This may seem like a dumb question, but I can't find the answer anywhere.

    What are the wristbands made of at the Divi/Tam? Can they be removed at night, or are they more or less locked on you for the entire trip?

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    Wristbands are made from a woven material and cannot be removed until you checkout. If you remove the wristband it will cost you $100 per day to get a new one.

    Really not an inconvenience to have them on. Just think of it as wearing a very small light weight watch.

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    the few times we stayed at the tam/divi we asked the person at the desk to put them on us not too tight. (cost us a $15 tip at check in but well worth it)

    she obliged and we were able to take them off in the evening at bed time ....rinse them out and put them on the next morning.

    it was semi-difficult to get them off and on but we were able to do it.
    reason we did it is because the band caused me to have a rash from the woven material and sunblock/salt water and chlorine residue.

    disclosure*** it is $100 if you lose the band and no transferring of the wristband.

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    I will add the bands dry quickly. Kid's bands are different and are made of plastic.

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    I was wondering the same thing. I'm glad this question was covered.
    Leaving for Divi AI Aruba in

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    I always have it put on the wrist I wear my watch on so it doesn't seem too strange. Just make sure they don't put it on too thght. Put a finger by your wrist when they put it on so there is room for your wrist to breath.
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