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Thread: The downfall of Occidental Grand Aruba??

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    aruba grand

    Well Cindyo, Have you stayed at the Occidental to defend them?

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    i have not stayed at the Occidental but feel pretty comfortable defending the place.

    i have acquaintances that own weeks there in the winter (6,7,8 ) and summer 31 - 35 and they always have high praises for it. and are even more gung ho about it since the renovation and and transformations from allegro to occidental.

    we have visited them (they are friends of friends) and their units are lovely.

    i feel pretty confident defending the place and i have heard nothing negative.

    it is right next door to playa linda and is in the "heart of the hi rise action" on palm beach.


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    Quote Originally Posted by joelcoqui View Post
    Well Cindyo, Have you stayed at the Occidental to defend them?
    Relatives yes....not me personally...however, after reading the board which is very much experts on aruba and listening to rave reports, I would also stand to defend them, much like Andrea the moderator.

    Where ever you stay you will have fun Joel, enjoy !

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    Quote Originally Posted by cindyo View Post
    I haven't heard or read anything about this, not sure where you got your info. I have only heard good things about the OG. Try someplace else if you don't like what you've read.
    CIndy :} (which is one of the best websites for travel info to any destination - we use it alot when traveling to new places and it's been a great help to us in choosing hotels in London, Napa, San Fran, Holland, etc.) has alot of Aruba hotel reviews. The reviews for the Occidental have been either great or....not so great.
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    . One Happy Island.

    I love the place

    I go with the GREAT. stayed when it was Allegro . had a great time food was always available the deluxe room was nothing to write home about the staff were very helpful and kind. Now we stay at the Occidental we own summer weeks, food is delicious plenty of activity's too. I can't tell you about the deluxe rooms. I'm sure the renovated them. We now we stay in a Jr Suite over looking the ocean and pool. I will report back to let everyone know.

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    just booked @ occidental

    We just booked our reservations for the Occidental. We won't be going until next June for our 25th Anniversary. It will be our first visit to Aruba and the travel agent highly recommended it. She said that it had great reviews from her other clients. After reading what everyone else had to say about it on this forum, I am even more excited about my trip!

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    I was worried there for a sec!
    My wife and I leave Saturday AM, so your reassurances are nice indeed!!!
    Anyone here do the Royal Club upgrade? We were told its the way to go, so I am hoping Doesn't really matter I guess as long as its Aruba and the water is warm!

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    We own a week at Occidental Grand and we absolutely love the rooms and the resort. To be honest , I am not a big fan of the pool area and beach there but that is just me; I like to have more privacy and quiet which is why I prefer to spend my beach time at Eagle Beach.

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