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Thread: Extra to use the Divi?

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    Extra to use the Divi?

    A friend who went to the Tam years ago, said they used to charge an additional fee for Tam guest to use the divi amenities. Now since I have not heard or read anything about that, I am assuming that this is not the case anymore....

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    The Beach - you'll usually find me going back and forth between the Tam and the Divi
    I don't know the exact date, but for a little while now when you get the Mega All Inclusive at the Tam, you can use all of the Divi's amenities (i.e. pools, buffets, a la carte restaurants, bars, etc.) We're heading there in May and plan to take full advantage of both venues.
    Can't wait to go back...

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    They started it at the end of 2006. The Tamarijn only has the one package now where it used to be the two. Enjoy!

    "New for 2007, all Tamarijn Aruba guests will have full use of the features and facilities of the adjacent Divi Aruba"

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