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Thread: First trip to Aruba

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    i don't like the angry face of this off topic guy

    i am not angry, but want to remind all that this thread which started as, heck i do not even know (hahaha) has taken on a new life.........and that's expected.

    but, i am going to ask for the original discussion to continue and the other topics continue as new threads.

    ya, maybe we can get the nasty mean looking off topic guy to have a blank stare or a sly grin?

    (radisson to atm to corona to balashi ) hahahaha
    going to move this to the "hotel" category
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    cjrohrer21 - Back to your origonal question! We just got back (UGH!) last night. The other couple with us had no problem with an upgrade to the Aruba tower... we stayed put in the Curacao tower. Lots of walking because the walkways around the Bonaire tower to the pool were closed with the construction and we had to go up toward the lobby and then down to the pool/beach each time. On the plus side - looks like the Bonaire tower will be done soon... lot's of furniture going in while we were there. Another plus is that Laguna is closed for 3 weeks for rennovations so you'll get a nice fresh place for breakfast! Hope they change the dinner menu! We still think it's the best resort on the island with the best piece of beach on Palm Beach!

    BTW! Tried to order Amstel Bright 3 times at Gilligan's.... now they say they don't carry it! Good news though, I was able to improvise!!!!

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