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Thread: Holiday Inn Beach Construction?

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    stayed at the Holdiday Inn 4/30-5/6/08

    Very minor seaweed in clumps. I was in ocean
    5 X/day & never was within 20 ft of any seaweed.

    2 weeks ago there was a 8' x 12' area of beach roped off
    where they were doing some repair to pipe under the sand.
    It was 15' from the water & had absolutely no effect.

    By the way, the HI Italian rest closed for renovations on 5/4.
    never ate there, but if you're goung on AI, could affect you
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    Bugaloe especially at sunset!
    just back from HI 5/11-5/18 there is no active construction on beach at the moment as STEVEP502 said Italian a la carte restaurant is closed for renos but there was no activity when i was there, just regular maintainence being done in some areas no bother to any guests... as for the seaweed didn't notice an abundance of it walked the beach daily from westin to surf club taking dips along the way... have a great time

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    palm beach, mangel halto for snorkling


    Dannyo, Sorry but I have to disagree with you. I'm ready to go on our 15th trip and we spend 3 weeks each trip. When you get a storm close bt, there is always seaweed that washes up. We have seen it from time to time for years. 3 years ago they had dump trucks and pay loaders out there it was so bad and smelly. Depends on which way the storm comes. I have seen the Marriott is clean and down by Playa Linda and Westin it was about 2 feet deep. I'm just trying to be honest with you.
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    Hi Kent, We arrived on 5/17 and will be here until 6/7 and are staying at the Surf Club. We have not seen a bit of seaweed on the Marriott properties as of yet.
    Have Fun, Pete

    We will be in Aruba in

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    Glad to hear there is no seaweed,ENJOY your vacation.

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