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Thread: hotel discounts!!

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    hotel discounts!!

    with the economy going downhill in the states, I am sure it is likely to have an affect on aruba tourism. sooo, my question is, do you see the resorts taking action in the near future and offering good discounts on their rates to intice people to come on down? we already have booked our hotel a couple of months ago. but when we went year before last, we stayed at the westin (was wyndham then, but changing over) we stayed for 8 nights and got if i remember correctly 3 or 4 nights free. it was a great deal. i know some hotels are offering good rates here just to get people in.
    let me know what you think or what you are hearing!

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    We just got back on Saturday from the Radisson and their prices actually went up! I was very shocked when I booked the same room as the previous years and was quoted about $30.00 more a night. I wasn't happy about this but won't change where we stay so we sucked it up and paid but had them throw in the buffet breakfast every morning.

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    I don't know anyone who has been cutting back on their vacations. And Aruba draws tourists from other countries as well so they're not completely dependent on the U.S. tourist.
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    I looked just today at the Tamarijn's website and they are sold out except for 2 or 3 days for the dates June 22 - August 18. Near 100% occupancy for 2 solid months is pretty darn good.

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