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Thread: Hotel recomendtions

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    Hotel recomendtions

    Were going to Aruba for our first time on August 27th 2012. We want a hotel with a great pool, nice beach, balcony with chairs and a view. Not sure if we want all inclusive though. Which hotels do you prefer? Also not too expensive. So far we are looking at the Radisson, Occidental and Divi Pheonix.

    Off subject but are there many kids at that time of year? I would think most would be going back to school.

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    Radisson Resort, chilling out on the beach for 8 hours per day
    You will love Aruba. We only stay at the Radisson. Just a great resort. You should look into Players Choice Tours, 1-800-79-ARUBA, only does Aruba vacations. He does offer packages that include breakfast and lunch and then we do dinner off the property because there are so many great restaurants in Aruba. Have a great time. Can't wait till we go back in July

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