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Thread: La Cabana/Aruban resort questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by nikko View Post
    next question...who was it that rented a van...we will be 7
    Nikko, I started a new thread in the "getting around" category

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    thank you lisa....

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    HiÖok, Iíll add my 2 cents now. I own at LaCabana but have rented from the Aruban when it used to be the Villas. I would recommend LaCabana hands-down. Trust me, with kids it will get tiring walking to/from the beach with all of your stuff. I have 2 children and they LOVE the pool and slide at LaCabana, they go up and down it for hours at time. Plus, the pool there is more livelier than out back. Security will ask you to leave if you are a non-resort guest and using their pool. Anyone is welcome to drink at the bar but not use the pool or lounge chairs without bracelets. I witnessed many people asked to leave. Most were teenagers rough-housing on the slide though.
    To me, the Aruban feels like a ghost town, but thatís just my opinion.
    Also, The beach is first come first serve. Good luck!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arubalisa View Post
    Thanks I hadn't seen what Andrea wrote.
    Are they realy reserving the huts for both properties? Never seen that before. Why did I buy

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    Smile arubian resort

    the arubian resort in back of lacabana***is closed*** as of 12-14-09 and might not reopen/ we have a time share at 202e in lacabana and is a very nice resort, but you,ll need to hurry to reserve at any resort for a reasonable cost

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    I just returned from Aruba staying at Lacabana. I am happy to report the construction is half way completed and the place is going to be 5*. We found out The Aruban opened two days before our arrival without an announcement to thier owners. So, it was very empty and not staffed when I walked over. I understand the Aruban government now got involved too due to their financial problems. LaCabana is updating the rooms and will also be working on landscaping soon. Over the last two years they have replaced some of their own shops with contracted vendors. Much wiser from a P & L standpoint. I also heard they are planning a casino to be built in the former buffet restaurant across from the mini market. They have doubled the amount of palapa's on the beach. The service is outstanding. The only negative was the people from "Divi Timeshare" were stagged on the beach & out there tryin to get you to come see their timeshares. They were pesty than ever! (guess its the economy) and its a public beach so you cant stop 'em. We learned to say "we own there too" and they left us alone. LaCabana is financially sound, clean, updated & a great place to stay.

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