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Thread: Last Minute Questions about the Westin All Inclusive Package

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    Last Minute Questions about the Westin All Inclusive Package

    Hi Everyone. I have been a lurker on this site for the past couple of weeks and you all have literally answered ALL of my questions except for the few I am posting below. Thank you so much for the information you provide. My husband and I are leaving on Sunday for Aruba to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. Um, I'm kind of excited!

    Who has stayed at the Westin and participated in the All Inclusive Option? I have a few questions:
    If we decide to go to the Premium package for $40 extra per person per night, can we do this at check-in?
    -The all inclusive package includes 3 meals a day. If I went to the Terrace restaurant late afternoon for an order of fries or a pizza slice, would this be included in our package, or would we pay?
    -I notice that the $25 credit at Blossoms does not include alcoholic beverages. Does the all inclusive option for the other restaurants include alcoholic beverages during dinner?
    -Does the all inclusive package include any discounts on the Spa services?
    -General question do the casinos in Aruba provide complementary drinks while you are gambling?

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    For piece of mind, I would contact the resort directly for answers to such specific questions. The link above details pretty well exactly what is included. For example, it states only for Blossoms that "beverages are not included".

    They are also very good about communicating on their Facebook page at

    Welcome to the forum.

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