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Thread: Looking for Update on Ocean Club Renovations

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    Looking for Update on Ocean Club Renovations

    I understand that the Marriott Ocean Club is having renovations done, anyone know what is being down and how it is coming along and is anything being effected at the resort..............thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arubalisa View Post

    "Pool Area
    The pool area at our Resort will receive a facelift starting August 18th until the end of September, 2009. During this time we will be resurfacing the pool. In addition, the surrounding rock formations will be part of a beautification project. Therefore our pool facilities will be closed for an estimated six weeks.

    All guests staying at our Resort from August 18th until the end of September can enjoy the pool facilities at Marriott's Ocean Club, adjacent to our hotel. This freeform pool features a spacious pool deck, several secluded swimming areas with a very comfortable swim up bar. To snuggle up after your swim, deck chairs are provided for a perfect lounge moment with your favorite book, or to get an afternoon snooze.

    Have a playful day."

    Do you have any updates regarding the Marriott Ocean Club renovations and how far along they are and which floors are being done and are completed?

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    I am sorry I do not know, but hopefully an owner will have more info.

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