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Thread: Manchebo resort info

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    Manchebo resort info

    I'm looking for feedback regarding anyone's stay at the Manchebo.

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    Manchebo stay

    A few yrs back we stayed there with motherinlaw in rm. It was OK. Location, location, location made it all worthwhile. One could walk to the Alhambra Casino, the shopping compound around it (that opens up at nite-fully), and of course the most lively water in the whole hotel side of the island, as it has the widest possible beach... just outside your door... with rolling waves most of the time, as the island rounds a bend right next door at the Aruba Beach Club. Believe me, it will toss you around a bit... must really watch YOUNG children. On the premises are two lovely places to eat, French Steakhouse, and the openair breakfast/lunch type place .. Not to mention the lively bar w. great happy hr. in the tiki building not far from the pool.

    We were very impressed with the way the staff treated us, and were very helpful setting up our confirmation of return flight. The small gift store on premises sold (at that time) the whole wheel of Goda cheese for $29. American. For a 10-lb. wheel.. to take home --remember, tho... it cannot be brought on plane if wax has been disturbed. Intact wax=no problem with Agr. Dept. rules.

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    Manchebo is one of my favorite resorts.. The rooms are only so-so.. but the location and beach make up for it ! The beach is beautiful, no waiting for palapas, restaurants on site, wonderful spa, and great service,,, Love it!

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    click the link for MANCHEBO information
    Manchebo's location is the BEST.
    The rooms are very basic very clean and very satisfactory.
    Manchebo has the French Steakhouse restaurant which is FABULOUS. (IMO)
    Manchebo is a great place to stay.

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