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Thread: Marriott Resort & Stelarios Casino - several questions

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    Cool Marriott Resort & Stelarios Casino - several questions


    We (wife and two boys under 10yo) are planning on staying at this hotel next week and would like to hear from experienced guests regarding the following questions:

    1. Do they offer a kids program, and if so, do you know what it includes and costs?
    2. I understand you need to get in line early to get a Palapa, how many days can you reserve one and how much does it cost?
    3. Can you bring your own cooler (with beverages and snacks) to the poolside/beach side
    4. Any tips on room locations that we should request when checking in (i am aware from this bb that the atrium can be loud which we will avoid)
    5. Any other tips and/or words of wisdom that will make our trip more enjoyable and relaxing than we already know it will be.

    thanks for any info/tips you can offer,

    we are sooo looking forward to leaving the freezing cold weather behind

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    Any Aruba beach...

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    The Marriott does offer a kids program. I have never used it but have seen them in action.

    You can reserve your palapa the day before. I am not sure if you have to pay for all of them. Some (I think) if you wait until that day you do not have to pay for. I think these are the ones that are away from the water.

    You can bring your own cooler and fill it - no problems with that just no glass.

    I would suggest you ask for a room away from the atrium - we experience this one year and it was quite loud in the evening.

    If you are going to spend a day by the pool you will most likely have to get up early to get yourself some chairs. You are going during a busy time of year. Get your clean towels the night before and you will be all set to go in the morning.

    Oh yea one last thing - have a blast!

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    Thanks Everyone, very helpful

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    thank you... much needed info!

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    Hello! We just returned from the Marriott Hotel in Aruba on January 18th after a wonderful 1 week stay in paradise!
    We were in room 708, which is pool/ocean view. We were surprised to find there was a pulll out sofa in the room that was more than comfortable for our 5 year old. We did not hear any unwanted noise in this room. We sat out each night on the balcony, and the only sound was the waterfall from the pool! SO relaxing.

    The kids club is available for 1/2 day or full day for $25 and $45 respectively. We brought our 5 year old, but there we not other kids on that day, and she decided not to stay. They did have tons of things for the kids to do! You can also bring them from 6-9pm for a movie...perfect time to have a quiet dinner!

    The Palapa situation is not to stressful at the Resort...Each day you can come to the towel hut starting at 7am, and get a free Palapa on a first come, first served basis. Otherwise, you can reserve one for $25 per day, for three days in a row. This price includes one bottle of water. We only did this one day, and we got one without a problem the other 6 days. We did make it down the beach each day by 9am.

    Hope this helps! Have a great trip!!!

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