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    Marriott Surf Club

    Hello All. I was wondering if someone could tell me what the Lighthouse Tower is at the Marriott Surf Club?

    We stayed at the Ocean Club in June, definately due for the renovation they are doing now, but am curious about the Surf Club and wondering if that would be better for our next visit?

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    The lighthouse tower is the first building closest to the water, it was the first building to open at the Surf club.

    It is actually slated for soft renovations to start this summer because it has been open for 5 years now. Each building once it hits 5 years goes through a soft renovation and then at 10 years a big one, like they are doing at the Ocean Club right now.
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    Here's the new missing picture link I had in those thread....

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    I stayed in the lighthouse tower in Feb this year.I like it because it is the most convient but all three buildings have a horrible taste to their water.I couldn't even brush my teeth withour gaging.They said it is the plastic tubing isn't worn in yet. I have stayed in all three buildings about 17 times in 5 years and the view and the lazy river make it worth it. I also own at the Ocean club( and Renaissance ) and love the quietness of Ocean club BUT in November 2009 when I was booked the whole Marriott Hotel could use the pool so I swapped for the Surf again.Just love Aruba

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