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Thread: Marriott Surf Club

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    only problem was it cost $15 for the front row! how silly is that? oh well, almost worth the money!

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Quote Originally Posted by trvljan View Post
    I like that idea! BTW - how do I add that ticker countdown to my profile?
    How to: Place A Countdown Ticker In Your Signature
    Quote Originally Posted by joeytruck View Post
    lisa you are correct! it is marriottville. we always stay@marriott,but we split up our trip and stay@ the hyatt for a few days!! fyi. you can reserve a palapa@marriott also.
    Love the pool at the Hyatt
    Quote Originally Posted by joeytruck View Post
    only problem was it cost $15 for the front row! how silly is that? oh well, almost worth the money!
    Silly indeed ...but people are paying it or they would not offer it.

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    Palm Beach, lighthouse,
    when are you going? I just returned Sat., stayed at the Marriott Ocean Club, and am guessing it was at 40% capacity. Never once went out to reserve a palapa early and
    around 9-10 am every day got one in either 1st or 2nd row. The beach was never crowded, but it did look more crowded at the Surf Club. As far as renovations went , they started on the 6th floor, and now are on the 2nd floor. I never once heard any construction noise. Phase 2 starts all over again in March '10 when they replace all appliances ,and the whole resort goes wifi. Loved it!!!!!

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    hi Shelly- I am going Nov 4 - 8, but decided on the Radisson - I'll try the Marriott next time!
    Next Aruba trip 01/20/2010 - cant wait! 3rd time since Feb 09!

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    The beach, Boca Prins & just about anywhere with my husband!
    We always stay at either the Surf Club or the Ocean Club (my parents have a timeshare) and we love it. Yes, the beach was more crowded this past January than it has been in the past ( I have been there in January & September) but the rooms are great, the staff is very helpful and courteous and the pools are wonderful. They have alot of activites for the guests as well. I wouldn't mind staying at another hotel, just for a different type of experience, but really enjoy the continuity of service at the Marriott, we always know what to expect which for the relaxation aspect is nice-you know you will always have a good time. Just my opinon though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arubalisa View Post
    If anything, at the Radisson you can reserve your palapa late afternoon for the following day without having to get up at the crack of dawn.
    You can do the same at the Surf Club.

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