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Thread: Marriott Surf Club - need to add a few days there, options for reduced rates?

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    Marriott Surf Club - need to add a few days there, options for reduced rates?

    We are staying at the Marriott Aruba Surf Club in October and need to add on just a few nights for a 2 bedroom unit. Are there any good options for reduced rates for adding a few nights to this location? If so, who do I need to book through?
    I have looked online some and have not found any good hotel discount sites to do this.

    If anyone has any advice or tricks, please let me know.


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    Thru Marriott you are going to pay about $500 per night with all the taxes. Sometimes if you need 3 or 4 nights, you are better off renting a week from someone for about $1200 for the week. For only 2 nights, your option is to stay somewhere else for cheaper. If you want to stay at Marriott, it will cost you.
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    Okay well I was just wondering if there is a discounter company or another means of going through that allows you to get those rooms cheaper. Would rather not move of course. But that might just be the breaks...ha! Thank you for replying.

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    How you a owner ?
    You can use points jus call Marriott ,Or you can have one couple .that is they first time and want to look at the resort ,they have to attend 90 minutes representation and you can stay for $99.00 a day at the Mariott .No obligation to buy .Look at the Owner web site .
    That is the cheaper to go or rent some place else .
    good luck ginette

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    There is an option IF you are a Marriott TS owner.

    Type MOD into the corporate code box in the reservation engine to receive a 25% rebate.
    More if you use a Marriott Visa card get an additional 10%.

    Or if you're not a Marriott owner then you could try via Priceline to add a few days for cheap at the Marriott Stellaris next door.


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