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Thread: Marriott Vacation Club was a bad idea

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    Marriott Vacation Club was a bad idea

    I am in the Surf Club as I write this. What I have learned over the last 7 days is that joining the Marriot Vacation Club is a Big Mistake. They are very deceitful as we have uncovered from their many lies this week.

    My family bought a timeshare in the Aruba Surf Club last year. As part of the purchase, they were guaranteed a free room for them to use the next year. Well here we are and the room is not free. What we found is that Marriott booked another room for them, but did not tell them about. So this "room" has been vacant for the whole week and the vacation club refuses to give my parents their free room. When we checked in, they put us in 2 rooms and did not say anything about the "other room". We did not even know about it until yesterday when I signed up to take the tour and they asked me if I was in a different room number. When we looked further into this, we then found that this room was assigned to us, but no one had told us. Now after my parents have spent 2 hours today of their vacation time in the Marriott Vacation Club office, they were told that this was their fault and they were now responsible for 3 rooms.

    They are not attempting to make any remedy for THEIR mistake and are trying to put the blame on my family.

    Additionally, when we took the tour of Marriot Vacation Club, where they attempt to sell timeshares, they said they had childcare provided. What we found was that they had an empty room where you could put your children, while you are given a tour. There was no supervision. Additionally, they reported that this would only take 90 minutes of no pressure sales. However, are sales rep talked for about 2 hours, even when we reported that we had to leave because of a reservation we had following the meeting.

    This next issue is minor in comparison in being charge for a room that you were told was free. However, we were also promised 2 free beach bags and a nice beach towel. We only received 1 bag. We had to rush to get to our reservation, that we were late for, we did not have time to argue this discrepancy with them at the time. However, as we have learned from the argument over the room, Marriott Vacation Club likes to place the blame on the Guest and not themselves. My brother's family did not receive all of the items they were promised either.

    This is the worst customer service possible. Please take our advice and be weary of purchasing a time share from Marriott Vacation Club. As my family currently owns a unit and are being treated unfairly. Please take our word and believe that this is not a good idea. No one wants to pay a company to be lied to and told that any mistakes that the hotel makes are the customer's fault.

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    the best thing to do is rent a timeshare . you pay the same with no $20.000 up front!!

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    Since Marriott is a US owned property you may be able to hold them responsible and get some satisfaction once you are back in the US. I own a timeshare (not Marriott....too crowded for me) on the lowrise end and have c/o of bad service and been given a free week to use whenever. However, I had everything documented and dated so no one could question anything. It is sad that you always have to prove your case when things go wrong, but that happens everyday everywhere and we end up having to prove we were wronged, not the other way around.
    The customer is always right, you just have to figure out a way to make sure they remember that. Check to make sure Marriott is still responsible to the US conglomerate and then complain loud and long until you get the satisfaction you want....good luck!!

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    Hi Trommy,
    Tell the vacation club that you posted your complaint on the Aruba Forum and so far 250 people have read it. Plenty more will. If they give you better treatment and recitify your problem and not rob you maybe you will post that or they can. Tell them people read this. After reading your post I will not go for a presentation. Most people are leary anyway so thanks for the tip. If nothing else you may have saved a few people.
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    Tommy, i had a similar experience after i had traded my high season week with interal international for a week during the summer at the Ocean Club. the mix up was due to an agent at interval, but i got no satisfaction from the marriott management. i complained for the first three days of my vacation, then decided to let it go till i got home. once i got home, i got in contact with my original Marriott salesman, who was livid. he immediately stepped into action and before i knew it, i had two executives calling me asking what they could do to make me happy. so, please, give the Marriott corporation a call and let them be aware of what went on. the really want you to be happy.

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    I have found Marriott to have great customer service. You can not deal with the people in Aruba as they are only the lacky's. You need to call the states and they will take care of the problem with complete satisfaction.

    It is too bad that they do not have the same level of customer service in Aruba, but there is no one there who can make a decision.

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    Marriot Vacation Club is a Big Mistake

    I will be on the island by the end of Sept. and I will not be attending any presentations at the Marriot now that I have read of your experience. Just one more customer lost to their arrogant stupidity. Good work!!! 253 people and counting.

    What thinks you make we've been drinking??
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    We have timeshare here also, we encountered some problems last time there, called main headquarters not the managers there in Aruba, it was taken care of swiftly. Also they gave us another week for our trouble.



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