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Thread: Occidental End of October!!!! Can I purchase a meal plan if in a timeshare????

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    Occidental End of October!!!! Can I purchase a meal plan if in a timeshare????

    Hi Everyone.
    Taking my 13 year old Niece to Aruba. Her first trip there. I would love to have the meal plan during our stay. We will be at our friends Timeshare, during their week! Any idea I have tried to email the hotel. No one replies back....... Not a good sign I guess. Thanks

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    The all in inclusive option is mandatory for all except a few of the timeshare owners.
    Check with your friends to see if they are in the all inclusive program. Welcome to the forum.

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    Also everyone in the unit has to get the AI not just one person.

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    Yes, check with your friends to see if they are all-inclusive or non all-inclusive. Most likely they are all inclusive. Plus anyone staying there can buy the meal plan, even if non all-inclusive.

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    if you already rented the unit, it must be optional.
    if mandatory all inclusive, the reservation dept would not have booked unit, until the fees were paid.
    they also offer a breakfast, lunch and drink package. for optional members.

    hope to meet you, we'll be there oct 18 thru nov3..

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    I sent an email earlier this year and I almost forgot about it by the time I got a reply, so you may still get one in a week or so.
    Not sure when, but we will be back

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