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    Smile Occidental Grand Aruba

    Good afternoon everyone,

    I have just booked a trip for next May at the Occidental for my honeymoon.

    I was just wondering if anyone has any insite in regards to the quality of the resort, and if it was a good choice? I have read some reviews, but they are all mixed, and I realize that you just can not please some individuals not matter what the caliber of service is.

    The Resort looks beautiful, but I was looking for some insite from the real Aruba travelers. Thanks in advance for all of your answers it is greatly appreciated.

    Also how close are my soon to be wife and I to the shops, and bars in town? Thanks


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    Congratulations on your wedding! You won't regret going to the Occidental. The resort is very nice and it's on the best part of Palm Beach and right in the middle of all the resorts, shop, and restaurants. I'm not sure if you have the all-inclusive or not, but the food seems to get a lot of mixed reviews. I have a non-all-inclusive timeshare and have only eaten at the resort once so I can't really speak on the quality of the restaurants. If you have the non-all-inclusive, there are many excellent restaurants within walking distance.

    As for downtown, the bus goes back and forth to town for $2.30 round trip. There is a stop right outside the resort and ends at the bus terminal in town. It's easy to get on the right bus at the terminal, just look for the bus going to Resorts.

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    I stayed at the Occidental Grand during one of my several trips to Aruba. I really enjoyed the resort. As mentioned, it was right in the middle of the high rise area, so there was plenty to see/do in either direction. I love the walkway on the beach side which connects the entire high rise area. I would take my morning walk from end to end. The pool was nice, beach great. Casino right on the premises. Several restaurants directly across the street (tango, salt and pepper, casa tua, Soprano's piano bar).

    It went through some renovations about 2 yrs. ago. I stayed before the renovations it was fine then.

    Good choice. I would stay there again in a heartbeat.

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    Although the Occidental is very nice, I would suggest trying out all of the nearby casinos. Of the "strip" casinos, it is probably my least favorite. I suppose others really like it, but to me it lacks any real atmosphere. Still, it's a very easy and enjoyable walk to many other casinos. I hope I didn't offend anyone.

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