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Thread: Occidental Grand Questions

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    Hi, I stay at Occidental a couple of times a year and own several weeks there which I rent. Everyone loves the resort.

    As for tipping. I usually leave the waiter or waitress at each meal a couple of dollars and tip the bartenders a couple of times a day. They really appreciate it, since many people do not tip.

    Can't imagine getting good service and not showing appreciation. Have a great trip! You'll love it!

    Mary Alice

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    I also own 1 week (1 BR suite?). We just got back from 8 nights
    @ Occidental 2 weeks ago & loved it- our 1st time staying @ Occid.

    Restaurants were actually nicer than we expected. Our last trip we went to
    Gianni's 2X-great food, but Occidentals Olio was as good or better
    (& all courses that I wouldnt have gotten a la carte).

    The Asian & Mexican- very nice too. I thought the Carribean restaurant
    was good, but too "Americanized"- Not enough local dishes.

    All in all- great resort & trip , cant wait to go back.

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