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Thread: Phoenix or Divi Golf

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    Phoenix or Divi Golf

    Hi all,
    Was wondering if any of you experts could shed some light on this very happy dilemma. My family and I (myself, my husband and 2 kids - who will be 3
    and 8 months) are planning a trip to Aruba in the winter. We generally stay at the Radisson, but with 2 kids, we really need a kitchen and an area to hang out in after the kids go to bed.
    We found a beautiful rental at the Divi Golf....2 BR condo with a private deck and hot tub near the infinity pool. It looks great and the resort looks wonderful. My q's about this place are:
    Is the trek to the beach with 2 kids going to drive me crazy? Are there bathrooms near the beach? food for a quick lunch?

    And does anyone know if ANY restaurants in Aruba deliver?

    If we decide the Divi Golf isn't for us, we have also looked into the Phoenix (which looks so nice after the remodel). Anyone have any experience with bringing kids there?

    Just want to have a nice trip.....we love the beach...and plan to spend lots of time there. That's why I'm a little nervous about the Divi Golf.

    Thanks, Aruba lovers!

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    My opinion is that with children, the divi phoenix may be an "easier trek".

    i do not know about restaurant delivery.
    i do know that there is a great take out place......."the kitchen", located in the rear section of the parking lot of Certified.

    another take out place is "hot take away", King ribs on Fri/Sat/Sun.

    i hope someone answers your restaurant delivery question.
    i will also do some searching.

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Quote Originally Posted by ArubaBride22 View Post
    Is the trek to the beach with 2 kids going to drive me crazy? Are there bathrooms near the beach? food for a quick lunch? Thanks, Aruba lovers!
    At the Divi Golf, the closest you will be to the beach is about .18 mile, so just under a quarter mile. With that said, if you stay at the Divi Phoenix you will have the beach right there as well as two very beautiful swimming pools.

    If you and your dh were "pool people" and loved to golf, then the Divi Golf would be perfect. But since you mentioned the beach, I am thinking the beach for your family.

    You will also find the water calmer on Palm beach as well. There are days along Druif beach where the Divi Golf is located, that the water can get rough. The water in front of the new section of the Divi Phoenix especially, is extremely shallow.

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