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Thread: Raddison mini Fridge ?

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    Raddison mini Fridge ?

    In the Raddison resort and Spa can you request a Mini fridge to keep water etc ?? Or do you have to cram things into the mini bar ?
    If you can request the mini fridge what is the cost ?
    Thanks !

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    You can request a mini fridge for USD 10 a day!

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    Just a heads up on the radisson mini bar. If you touch something in the fridge you will be charged for it. The stuff in the fridge is on magnetic strips that when moved logs into their system that you drank and/or ate it. We were charged $110 at the end of our trip luckily we were able to get the charges off b/c we didnt take anything but it was a pain in the butt! They also have small bags of chips and snacks in eyesight. We had kids with us that kept touching everything and therefore we were getting charged. I think you can request a seperate fridge for things you would like to keep refridgerated for a charge. Next time I will make sure to ask for an unstocked mini bar/fridge.

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    Gilligans at the Radisson, DePalm Pier
    I just returned from the Radisson earlier this month. They quoted $10 per day, but at the end of our trip, I noted they didnt charge me at all.
    We needed it for my son's amoxicillin and I did tell them that, so I wonder if that is why they didnt charge us.

    We actually didnt use it as much as we thought we would The plan was to store Milk, Soda and beer in there at first. But we went to the gift shop most days to buy cold beer, instead of the bar ($3 for a Balashi Beer), and they also sold milk and soda.

    The convenience was nice, and I think I wouldnt have minded paying $10 perday.

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