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Thread: Radisson Business Center

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    Radisson Business Center

    Gonna be at the Radisson 3 weeks from today - yay! Question... With the Aruba tower closed, is there a business center available? THX!

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    Yes, there is a temporary business center set up with four computers free to use.

    We will be at the Radisson a week from Friday for 13 days. Dh needs to bring the laptop to work from there so I will be online from time to time, if you have any specific questions.

    From what I understand the entire Aruba tower is shut down, including Mira Solo and the Sunset Grille but the resort has done everything possible to move all the lobby facilities to the Curacao tower.

    If you send me a PM with your email address, I will email you a copy of the new lunch and dinner menu for Laguna. They have done away with the theme buffets but have added a theme entree for different evenings which for $23.95 include soup and salad bar. The menu also includes some of the great favorites from the Sunset Grille such as Veal Oscar, the Vegetable Stack and Soft Shelled Crabs.

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