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Thread: Radisson plaza club room size?

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    Radisson plaza club room size?

    I'm looking at a trip to Aruba in early June. It will be a family trip (two kids, 4 & 7). I'm trying to balance keeping the kids entertained and having enough room to relax during downtime (in the morning & before dinner). We're not heavy drinkers (maybe one/day on vacation) so a "rockin' bar scene" would be lost on us

    I like the amount of space at the Amsterdam Manor, but think the grounds of the Radisson would be more entertaining for the kids -- when they get on our nerves and need out of the room, one of us can take them to look at the birds & iguanas.

    I understand the Radisson is undergoing renovations. Regarding that, does anyone know if the plaza club rooms have already been renovated, or are in progress? Also, are the plaza club rooms any larger than the standard garden view rooms? Unless there's more space, I don't think we'd get much out of the premium for the plaza club.

    Ideally I'd like to have 2 queen beds plus a roll-away and a balcony, but I could deal with two doubles plus a roll-away.


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    From what I understand the Plaza Club rooms, presently in the Aruba tower, will be switched over to the Curacao Tower during the renovation of the Aruba Tower. The Aruba tower is scheduled to begin renovations late April.

    I would have your travel agent contact the resort directly for specifics on room dimensions. Imo, a room with two queens is fine, but add a rollaway, and imo, it will be cramped.

    Another option if you just need space, and if Mom and Dad want privacy including a king size bed, would be to book a suite. We have stayed in the Bonaire Suite and it is ideal for a family with kids. That is as long as the kids do not mind a "sleep sofa". But it in turns gives everyone a nice large living room to hang out in. The sleep sofa could accommodate two, but the living room is large enough that it could also hold a rollaway.

    We book the Radisson through Player's Choice/MCM Tours they are extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the Radisson and offer complimentary breakfast buffet for two with their packages as well as for children 12 and under. I just looked, and for next summer, when booking one standard room they are offering:

    Guestroom with FREE upgrade to Gardenview Room
    Breakfast Buffet Daily
    Lunch Daily
    $200.00 Beverage credit (per room)
    $100 Match Play Chips
    Free Desert in Sunset Grill for 4
    2 - $25.00 spa Credits
    Roundtrip Transfers on Island

    The specials on the website include airfare, but they will price it without if you wish.

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    Thanks for this information. We're going to give the garden view a try. If we can squeeze in a roll-away, we'll do it. Otherwise, everyone squeezes onto the double beds. I'm sure we'll be too tired to really notice..

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