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    My soon-to-be wife and I will be traveling to Aruba for our honeymoon on May 16-22. We are set on Aruba because of the beautiful beaches, but we are still up in the air on where exactly to stay. I was hoping to get some recommendations on good honeymoon resorts, etc. At the top of our list is the Bucuti Resort on Eagle Beach (which I know is not a timeshare unit), but it's a little pricey. Please feel free to recommend any other places with good honeymoon atmosphere. Thanks in advance!! Jason

    Sorry that this was also posted in the Timeshare section; but I have heard timeshares can offer really good deals so I decided to see if anything was available then.

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    Any Aruba beach...
    I moved your other post from the timeshare category to General Where to Stay The timeshare category is jam packed with listings for rentals and sales and your post would very very quickly be lost. I responded to that post in regards to timeshares.

    Timeshare discussion aside, may I suggest deciding on an area where you want to stay first?

    Eagle/ Manchebo/Druif Beaches vs. Palm Beach? Otherwise known as low rise vs high rise. The Bucuti, as you already know is on Eagle/Manchebo beach.

    The high rise resorts are located on Palm Beach. The low rise resorts are located on Eagle/ Manchebo/Druif Beaches. There are some pretty drastic differences between the areas.

    Eagle/ Manchebo/Druif Beaches can have some waves, at other times it will be dead calm and lake like. Water all over the island is blue, warm and refreshing. From Eagle Beach to Druif Beach, you will find wide, long and very white beaches. Because of its width and length it will be less crowded than Palm Beach. There is less boat activity, so the water is clearer. Thought admittedly, there are other islands such as the Bahamas which do have clearer water. The water clarity in Aruba varies from day to day but as divers I can say it is rarely "perfect".

    Aruba is a windy island with average tradewinds of 17 mph. A positive of Palm Beach is that it is less windy here because the wind is blocked by most of the resort's buildings. Palm Beach is also long and white, but narrower and the resorts are larger. The beach here is more crowded, but in my mind, crowding is relative. If you grew up at the Jersey shore like I did, Palm Beach will not be that bad. Overall the area is much more congested in comparison to Eagle Beach. Street side along Palm Beach there is a number of restaurants, shops and bars. If activities are a must have within walking distance you will have everything you need right in the Palm Beach area. Within walking distance on Palm Beach you will also find seven casinos at the following resorts- Marriott Stellaris, Holiday Inn SunSpree, Hyatt, Occidental, Radisson, Riu and Westin.

    Palm Beach also is the only location for four star resorts. At this time there are no five star resorts on the island. Four star resorts include the Marriott Stellaris, Hyatt Regency, Radisson, Riu All Inclusive and Westin. Traveling on a budget, for a stay on Palm beach you may want to consider the Holiday Inn SunSpree. Do not let the name fool you. Thought not 4 star, this is not your parent's Holiday Inn.

    For quiet, less crowds, wider beaches then Eagle/ Manchebo/Druif Beaches would be your choice. If you were staying here without an all inclusive package, a rental car would most likely be a good idea. This will give you transportation to dinner each evening as well as shopping trips into downtown Oranjestad and a day of driving around the island and doing some sightseeing.

    Each has its trade-offs, besides your budget, imo a HUGE factor, you would just need to decide what your priorities are:
    - Low rise = quiet beach, laid back resorts
    - High rise = watersports, casinos and much much more including shopping and multiple restaurants within walking distance

    All inclusive vs. non all inclusive is a whole 'nother subject as well. We like both for different reasons. Every person needs to decide what is best for themselves.
    All Inclusive vs. Non All Inclusive

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