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Thread: Renaissance Resort and Casino???

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    i have learned the hard way too many times................i really now try not to 2nd guess anything.

    seriously, the renaissance marina tower is nice.
    the downtown location is awesome.
    the view of the waterfront is beautiful.
    plenty of things within walking distance.

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    Renaissance Island


    When you get there ask if your reservation can be moved to the Ocean Suites, I know you will love it over there I go there for 2 weeks every year and the pool and beach area are Great Nice swim up bar and the people are wonderful. If they will not move you there just take the Golf cart suttle over there everyday and enjoy. Have a Great trip. Bill

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    I own timeshares in various locations on the island. Please contact me directly if you would like my opinon on any other locations.

    Mary Alice

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    Alto Vista Chapel, Renaissance Island, Arashi Beach

    Thumbs up Renaissance Aruba

    My Dear Friend,

    As Owners of several weeks at the Renaissance Aruba Ocean Suites I can assure you that wherever you stay at the Renaissance Property, managed by the Marriott, you will experience a super vacation. We have just been voted the top 25 in the Caribbean from Con Naste! You may use the facilities at both resorts, so you are always guaranteed an Ocean Front view from your lounge chair. And take advantage of the exclusive private island! It is 42 acres of absolute paradise and the boat will pick you up right inside the Marina Tower. How cool is that!!! You are going to absolutely love it there. Please try the many restaurants within walking distance. Go for LG Smith's (request waiter John Baptiste) and Aquarius. Also hop on the Carte Blanche website and try to book a reservation. It is out of control!!!! Any other questions you may e-mail me at I am a regular and have more friends in Aruba than NY!!!

    Warm regards,

    Next Aruba trip in

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    Sometimes I wonder why some people are not satisfied with their visit at the Renaissance Private Island...

    If you look at the following video closely, could you believe that for some the only thing they remember is the sound that planes make when they leave Aruba (the airport is close by) or the mosquitoes in the mangroves....
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    First of all, you have to realize that the thing that motivates most people to write a review is a bad experience and that there are some people who will never be happy with anything.

    That said, we were in the Marina tower last month for four or five nights and here's my take:
    The rooms are nice, though smaller than most of the other rooms I've had on the island. Similar in size to the Tamarijn and slightly larger than Eagle Beach club. The rooms are very clean and the staff was polite and efficient. There are a number of restaurants located nearby as well as more shopping than you can shake a stick at.

    What some people may not like is that it is not directly on the beach, though the shuttle out to the island is fairly quick. The down side is that you can't just walk out of your room and lay on the beach or go swimming for 30 or 40 minutes between other activities. There are also times when the shuttle boats don't run on a set schedule, welcome to the islands, you just have to roll with things. The island itself is beautiful, with family and adult-only areas. I didn't stay long enough to eat or drink on the island, so I have no idea on the quality or cost. It really seems like a great place to "waste" a day doing nothing.

    Also, the high rise district seems to be growing at the expense of the downtown area. It doesn't seem to be as vibrant as it used to be, especially at night. There are still a number of good restaurants and shopping as I noted earlier, there's just a lot less action overall.

    Sorry I didn't see this earlier, it's just good to go into the situation having a good idea of what to expect. I hope it helped set your expectations.

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    I just wanted to thank all of you who have written in recently. You've certainly settled any anxieties I had and we are looking forward to our stay. We are headed out Monday morning for a 7 day stay - I will certainly write when I return. I'm hopeful that it is going to be a wonderful trip!

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    we will be staying at Marina Hotel june 14th-21st.

    I always take the reviews with a grain of salt. If you look at them closely, some are obvious, that they aren't badgering the hotel, just had 1 bad experience with hotel service, and then give the hotel a bad review, which is unfair.

    One lady gave it a 2, because of a disagreement over room service and whether it should be part of AI, etc. In my opinion, i throw it out immediately, because it has nothing to do with the hotel itself.

    We wanted the private island, we like to relax and not be bothered, and this was a Home run for us. The complaint i hear the most is that the bathrooms are needing of an overhaul big time. As long as no bugs and the bed is comfy(which i hear they are), i'm good to go. We didn't go to Aruba to stay in a fancy room, we stayed in Aruba to enjoy the beach, the restaurants , and the Sun.

    If i was staying in Mexico, and confined to a resort, the room would be a major dealio, but with having the mall, the market place and having things planned for other days, the Marina Hotel was our choice.. And we got a pretty good deal.

    And with the both of us choosing not to do the AI, being in the middle of the down town was even better. So many good eats within walking distance!

    Have fun and good luck, Aruba here we come.

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