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Thread: Ritz General Manager

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    Ritz General Manager

    Is no longer the GM of Ritz Aruba.
    (Per Rona In today's Aruba Daily tourist paper )
    He was diligent and involved in the construction process.

    i guess in the hotel industry, it works the same as in MLB.

    People here at the Renaissance talk about the Ritz with concern and the impression I am getting is business is slow
    and occupancy low since they opened.

    I would be be interested in knowing if the Soul Beach celebrities are staying there when they come in this week?

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    That's a big position to fill. IMO there are lots of us that are so happy with where we regularly stay that a change ain't gonna happen. I also think that a property like this will take a really long time to get occupancy rates high.... especially with some of the other well established first class resorts available on Palm Beach (with better walking distance to restaurants and shopping) for less money.
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    Moves like that are sometimes a reward for a job well done. I helped open retail department stores in the past and there are many challenges. I am sure opening a new hotel is similar- blood, sweat and tears.

    Ritz with Marriott backing- think $$$ to survive the slow times- knew what they were doing when they opened this hotel and like any new business, you have to be prepared to keep your doors open for AT LEAST one year in order to develop a clientele.

    They have some excellent pricing on their website right now, even this Memorial Day weekend, but no rooms available June 12, 13, 14. For mid-June I am thinking business is not ALL bad. Their CHEAPEST room, when available is still $486 per night.

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    Well.....I'm sure Marriott made the investment for long term. Remember several years ago when the Stellaris was in great speculation about being sold and they finally remodeled??? The Ritz simply increases the brand. At the same time, it is not uncommon for key staff to move from time to time. Who knows the reason but I will be checking out the place in a couple of weeks, if nothing more to see if a cup of coffee is in the budget - ouch!!!

    Finally, as for SoulBeach celebs.......??? Not a bad idea, since it is one of the newest as well as high-end properties on the island.

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    I noticed that Jet Blue had some steep discounts on the Ritz in their packages.

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