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Thread: RIU or Occidental? Adults oriented?

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    RIU or Occidental? Adults oriented?

    My friend and I, 2 females in late 20's, looking to spend a week at an all-inclusive. Im aware that there are no adults only resorts, but these two hotels are adults oriented I believe. Which one tends to have less children? Thanks. PS - We would like to go in April/May when the kids are still in school, but we unfortunately have to wait until at least June. Thanks. -Lisa

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    Can't really speak for either one since I have never been to Aruba but we are going to the Ocidental for our honeymoon. I know the Renaissance has and adult only portion at their hotel, I believe it is the Marina section.

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    RIU or Occidental

    Yes, there is an adults only resort. It is on Eagle beach and its Buccutti Beach Resort. It has received top awards for the last several years. The beach is fabulous, the rooms are great, the beach bar is terrific, but if you're looking for an all inclusive its not available here.

    If I were choosing between the RIU and Occidental I would hands down pick Occidental. I have stayed at both and the RIU is big, ostentatious, windy and unfriendly. Pluse NO shade around the pool at all.

    The Occidental staff has worked there for years. They are all Arubans. They are wonderful. The whole feeling of the resort gives you more of a tropical feel. The food at both resorts is about the same. Not fabulous, but not bad.

    If you're looking for a island vacation go to the Occidental. If you're looking for something more like Vegas or a Carnival cruise, go to the RIU.

    Hope this helps.


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    I just returned from Riu 2 weeks ago , I have been to Aruba several times but stayed there for the first time. It was a wonderful vacation, having been to the island before we went downtown several times, and spent several evenings next store at the Westin casino, as it was much better than the one at the RIU, the food at RIU was very good, and there were not very mant children at the resort.

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    These are my two favorite all inclu. resorts on the island and stayed or bought day passes at both and other all incl. resorts on the island. Occid., has more entertainment and shows nightly and the workers and show staff interact are most friendly. U can even sometimes make special requests for a certain type of beer or food item during your stay and they will try to accomodate. Jesus is the name of the manager who took over approx. 1 1/2 yrs ago and was a past performer and sometimes still performs with the shows. Both places are nice

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    mark -do you have a favorite room at Occidental?

    Do you have a deluxe room recommendation at the Occidental not at the level of a noisy pool or one without holes and mold on the walls?
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