Just looking for a little guidance. Have been to Aruba a handful of times now. Started out staying at Holiday inn a few times, then the last couple, stayed at Radisson (loved their "routine"for palapas). At the end of the month we are going to give the Riu a try. Have read they haven't got enough palapas and you need to be down there about 7 am if you even want to get one. Have also read the "beach workers" will "get" you one. If so, was wondering how this works ( how much, do you pay by the day, the week, or for that matter is it even necessary). Also, if you are there early enough, and you leave for breakfast and lunch, do you need to worry about losing your palapa( This might"ve sounded like a dumb question but thought I'd ask anyway). By the way when we go to the beach everyday, we stay there, we're not like some, where you see a towel on a lounge and don't see a person with it, for another 3 hours! Anyway, any useful advice would be appreciated. Thanks, W.Davis