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Thread: Safes at Radisson

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    Safes at Radisson

    Does anyone know if a laptop will fit in the in-room safe at the Radisson? Thanks in advance.

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    Laptop no. We've stayed there four times and just left the laptop in a drawer. Never had any issues. The free in room internet was fast and reliable.

    Also, in case you have not seen it in a previous post...

    "Radisson Internet Connection
    We stayed in the Aruba Tower and the outlet for the network was atop the table across from the bed.

    You will need an Ethernet adapter or Ethernet port on your laptop.

    The network cable does not extend very far. If you prefer working at the table, then the network cable supplied will be sufficient.

    Don't want to work at the desk? We travel with a 25 foot long cable. Simply unplugged their cable and hooked up our own to the laptop. The rooms have nice lounge chairs with ottoman. If your cable were long enough and there was no glare, you could also work out on the balcony.

    Once you hook in, go to your browser. A log in screen will appear as soon as you launch it. You simply register with your room number and name. This only has to be done once in a one week period.

    You are then on the Internet. It is that easy! There no wireless in the room."

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    Thanks Arubalisa. I really appreciate the tips.

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