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    This was my first trip to Aruba...the dream vacation, the honeymoon I always this our 25th anniversary was our first trip without kids and a MAJOR deal for me. Aruba is BEAUTIFUL...I can go ahead and talk about the island for hours..but for those of you who've never been before....DO NOT I repeat DO NOT waste your money on the Marriott Marina hotel in downtown Oranjanstand.We picked that hotel because a)past Marriott's have always reflected a high quality vacation and b) Adult exclusive....hey we left our kids at home...wanted a romantic week. Hotel is worn and needs renovation. The Martini lounge "BLUE" is actually a poolside bar/lobby area. A odor of mildew was prevalent throughout the lobby area and downstairs at boat launch but worse on the 3rd floor at entrance to Okeanos spa. In all fairness they were redoing the spa...lets hope it was because they were trying to find the source of the mold. Oh and being that it was our special 25th wedding anniversary, I brought along my original wedding invitation,my original bride/groom cake topper and a photo of us on our wedding day. I gave all of these to the front desk and asked to please deliver them set up on a small table with the photo and invitation displayed and a small cake with my original topper. Is it me... am I the only one who cannot believe the charged me a $72.00 room service fee for that!!! We rented a jeep and checked out other hotels on the island..........aside from the beautiful private beach exclusive to hotel guests.....they are better places to stay......choose wisely.

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    Lizbeth, you never mentioned anything about the private island, the wonderful restaurants around the couldn't have been all that bad. Yes, they are redoing everything there, if you were so upset with the accomodations why didn't you ask to be moved to the suites?
    We have been every year for the past 12 years, and haven't had any complaints. They are usually very accomodating and I can only say GOOD things about them. I guess my comment is sorry you had a so so time, and they could have fixed it for you....just my thoughts....

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    So sorry that your expectations were not met. Were you aware that you could have taken up the matter with the manager at the front desk and they probably would have transferred you to the Marriott Renaissance Ocean Suites and comped you a dinner at LG Smiths Steak house? They have always been very accommodating when we request something. My husband and I love relaxing poolside at BLUE and watching the huge screen MTV videos, but were you aware that there is a cozy cocktail lounge with live entertainment between LG Smith's and the Let's go Latin Theatre at the RenaissanceMarina? You may also stay at the Marina tower and play at the two free form pools at the Renaissance Ocean Suites. The 47 acre private island is Paradise! Perhaps you did not know that you could have had your vows renewed at sunset, a private dinner at the cove, with your cake delivered to you there at sunset? Just another opinion from a Renaissance Timeshare Owner.Snow

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    I love the Marriott Renaissance (prefer the ocean suites over the marina tower)....I wouldn't stay anywhere else....but I understand what lizbeth is saying. Her tastes would likely have been better satisfied at one of the upper end high rise hotels. The very best thing about the Renaissance is the beach....didn't sound as though that was lizbeth's number 1 priority.
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