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Thread: Tam - which bldg is best?

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    Tam - which bldg is best?

    For location regarding distance to amenities (restaurants, pool, etc), quiet at night, safety and a non-rocky beachfront - which is the best building to request? I have seen the resort map but I figured those who have actually been could give an experienced opinion.

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    All the rooms are safe. Most if not all that we have found in four stays, are quiet at night. We have stayed in building 1300 and never had a problem at night. One year had the room backing up to the pizza bar on the first floor and never heard a sound.

    LOTS of info

    Best Building at Tamarijn Aruba (updated) with photos

    If you want complete solitude and do not mind a view of the port cranes and a walk to the bar and further walk to pool and eateries, then go with 2400 or 2500. Otherwise 1100 is always a great option.

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