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Thread: Tam Questions

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    The beach at the Tam and the beauty that is the Natural Bridge area.

    Tam Questions

    Hi All,

    My fiance and I are going back to the Tam for the third time at the beginning of April. This is a surprise for his 40th birthday in December - he couldn't get away from work, so I've secretly arranged time off for him in April and will surprise him with it on his birthday. Four months isn't too long to wait ...

    Anyway, I'm sad to see quite mixed reviews of recent trips to the Tam and sorry to the people who had a less than desirable experience. Many things mentioned we have never experienced on our trips, so I'm hoping things will be improved by the time we arrive.

    I've usually waited until a month prior to our trip to request room arrangements. Is this still sufficient or should I start earlier?

    I've had trouble finding recent beach updates - although I know this changes at mother nature's discretion, does anyone have any pics or know of any websites with recent updates?

    Any new things/adventures/suggestions since it has been two years since we've there are also appreciated!

    Warm regards,

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    I cannot comment on any Tam updates. I am sure if it will be perfect for you.
    I would go with the plan and put in the room request a month out and request it again 1 week out .

    new adventures .....Segway tours, just to name 2.
    Check the activities section and check the My Aruba story section too

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