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Thread: Tamarijn beach

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    Tamarijn beach

    Just got back from a week at the Divi AI. The beach in front of the Tamarijn is nothing but rock. You have to go past the bunker bar before there is any beach. The beach is great in front of the water rentals and the Divi AI.

    I would be very disappointed if staying at the Tamarijn. We heard employees talking about complaints from the guests. I know Mother Nature has everything to do with this and it is unavoidable at times. Just a heads up if you are staying there.

    The the beach was really bad in front of the Casa Del Mar also. A few of there palapas were surrounded by rock.

    The Divi AI area is still the best beach on the Island IMO.

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    Hopefully they can and will bring in some beach sand to help out until Mother Nature gets the beach back. I know I stay at Divi AI and always walk down to Tam early mornings and it is amazing how it can change from one day to the next.

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    One of the problems with the Tamarijn. They are at the mercy of mother nature. The first year we stayed there in 2007 the beach was nothing but rocks. My parents were so disappointed that is was so difficult to swim in the ocean. They could have stayed home and swam in their own swimming pool.

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    Our first time at the Tamarijn was probably 15+ yrs ago. The beach was a rocky horror show one day and the next it was sandy and smooth. Mother Nature plays lots of tricks. 2 or 3 yrs ago at Aruba Beach Club, there was beautiful sand one day and rocks the next.
    The force of nature is amazing.

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    We stayed at Casa del Mar a few years ago and were very disappointed with the beach area and the rough surf. We spend more time at the pool that week than ever before or since!
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