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Thread: Tamarijn Beaches

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    Tamarijn Beaches

    A group of us will be coming to Aruba and staying at the Tamarijn Nov 9 - 16. How are the beaches there as of now? We are staying in the 1900 block.

    Can you buy sunscreen at the resort? Is it way over prices?

    Can't wait till Nov 9th!

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    Yes you can buy sunscreen at the resort. Yes it is overpriced. Bring your own.

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    Any Aruba beach...
    If you use Aruba Aloe products, you can purchase their suntan lotion on the supermarkets catercorner to the resort. Catch a golf cart to the southern end of the resort and walk across the street.

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    Get sunscreen at Big Lots! $3 a bottle and the same exact bottle on the island was $22!! Ridiculous! Bring more than you think you'll need btw, because you'll need it.

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    I just got back last night, and as of yesterday there was no beach left at all however, last Sunday the Tomas blew in a huge beach, the storm Friday night cleared it out you never know, BLDG 1400 1500 had the best beach when we left Sat. at 5pm

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