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Thread: Tamarijn opinions - please

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    Tamarijn opinions - please

    hi- would love to hear what you think about buildings 11 to 13 or buildings 14 -16 - pros / cons?

    thanks so much!

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    13,144 definitely check these threads resort map

    We have stayed in 1300 for our prior two stays and it is centrally located to the pizza bar as well as the lobby.

    1400 you hear occassional complaints about nightime noise from the buffet and theme nights, but that generally ends by 11 pm at the latest. 1400 is located next to the buffet and lobby beyond as well as the bar on the other side of the buffet.

    As far as I am aware, 1500 - 1600, at this time, there is no beach in front of these rooms, only rocks.

    1100 - 1200 are generally favored because they are a little more remote than building 1300, but in my mind you still have the same foot traffic because everyone is walking past you to get to the rock climbing wall, fitness room or watersports hut. I do not know the condition of the beaches here.

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    We normally stay in the 1100 or 1200 blocks. We enjoy the close proximity to the restaurants and activities. Several years back we were in the 2300 block and that ended up being lots of walking.

    Pedestrian traffic has never been a problem for us. Sometimes people watching is lots of fun. Only potential con to this area happened last year when the rare BIG waves hit the island. Our room was flooded and we had to relocate. Fortunately it was the day prior to checkout.
    Joe & Mimi


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