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Thread: Tamarijn Room Safes

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    Red face Tamarijn Room Safes

    Thank you so very very much. This all puts me at ease.. haveing this knowledge. One more question.. is the rooms safe... meaning.. if I brought a laptop.. I heard it wouldn't fit in a safe... should i lock it up each time we leave our room... ?

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    The safes at the Tamarijn have a lock which require a key.

    The Tamarijn charges a fee of $2 per day.

    The safe was not large enough to hold our laptop.

    When not in use we stored it in our night table drawer.

    We brought the laptop with us and used it daily on all four of our trips and never had a single issue with ANYTHING going missing from our room.

    The laptop was perfectly safe, though like I said, we did keep it out of plain sight.

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