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Thread: Tamarijn vs Divi Dutch Village

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    Tamarijn vs Divi Dutch Village

    Hello everyone.
    Never been to Aruba as we have always cruised and thought it was time to try something else out.
    We are looking forward to our first time in September going to Aruba.
    We are trying to decide if the AI is worth the additional cost vs the Dutch village.

    Some in our group are pretty good drinkers.. lol but it is mostly beer.
    How expensive would that make the non AI?
    (But some of us really don't drink which makes the AI more of a waste)
    We are not afraid to cook a few times in at the Dutch village and going out to dinner a few times. Still worth the savings?
    How expensive is Aruba to eat out?

    What is the major difference as far as what we can and can not do with the 2 options?
    Any thought?


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    welcome to the community forum.

    you will have to do the math.
    beer can be gotten at happy hrs 2 for 1. and probably going to cost $5.

    a case of beer at the grocery stores is kind of pricey. i do not know, but it is maybe $30.

    i have been know to tell folks to try all inclusive on their first trip and get the feel of things and go off resort to a couple of the "special restaurants"

    the dutch and the tamaijn pretty much share the same "campus".....same beach.
    would your group be interested in splitting up and some doing the timeshare and others doing all inclusive? or would that be not an option?

    pricing for an average dinner.......2 adults at a moderate kind of restaurant COOKS or AMADEUS or CHEFS TABLE w/ a glass of wine or a beer will run about $70 incl tip.

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    The Dutch Village is located behind the Tamarijn. All rooms at the Tamarijn are directly on the beach.

    All Inclusive vs. Non All Inclusive

    Choosing to stay in a room with a kitchen at the Dutch Village you will be able to prepare meals in your suite so this can be a cost savings.

    If your group are beer drinkers, you can get an idea of prices by looking at

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    Thanks for the quick replies.
    I think everyone would do the same vacation plan.

    Thanks for that link to the liquor store, it does give a good impression on prices.
    Tough choice to make as that is a lot of money for beer.
    I will have to do some math on how much they would
    If not I guess rum and cokes would work for some..ha

    Can you buy meal plans (maybe 3 dinners or whatever) when you get there for any of the places in the 'complex'?
    Or would you have to do all or nothing?

    Another question if anyone knows the answer.
    Is the sofa bed comfortable in the Dutch?

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    The Dutch Village offers all inclusive OR meal plans. BOTH IMO, are very expensive.
    Meal plan listed first and then the all inclusive.
    The meal plan is only available for Dutch Village and Divi Village facilities.
    Meal plans are not applicable to the Divi or Tamarijn.
    The last time we stayed at the Tamarijn you could purchase coupons for food and beverage at either the Tam or Divi, but again it was VERY expensive.

    The all inclusive at one time was available at one time for all or a portion of one's stay. You would need to check to see if this is still the case. I was under the impression that the policy was being changed.

    IF you do decide all inclusive is going to be your best option, I would carefully consider the price difference between the Dutch Village and Tamarijn. The Dutch Village would provide a larger room/suite, but the Tamarijn again would offer oceanfront rooms. Whenever I have priced both all inclusive, the Tamarijn was less expensive.

    These maps should also give you an idea of where the resorts and facilities are located

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    Any beach!!
    We have been quite happy with the AI at the Divi. For me, I'm not sure it's so much about the cost but the freedom that comes along with paying everything up front. All meals are covered, including snacks, so no matter what time of the day, you can always find something. No need to carry money around, except for tips which of course, are not mandatory, but a nice thing to do. We also don't hesitate to go off resort for an occasional meal. This trip it will be Carte Blanche and probably MJ's.

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