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Thread: Theft at the riu???

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    Unhappy Theft at the riu???

    So I've been reading Tripadvisor for the past couple of months and have read numerous posts about the robberies at the RIU!!!!! And they target the honeymooners and wedding visitors! It seems that they break into the safe and luggages! Can anyone shed more info on this? Apparently management is not doing anything about it nor is there an investigation going on. They claim that there is no proof and that the claims are false!!!

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    I haven't heard anything directly related, but the police there are a joke.
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    Two people have been arrested

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    I heard that they arrested a security guard that worked for the hotel. Their safes are the ones where you put your own code in, the keyed ones are better as the only way to get in is to drill it. Apparently, he knew how to break the codes.
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