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Thread: Tipping at the Tamarijn

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    I've done AIs in Aruba many times. I'll tip the bartender (usually $1 per cocktail) and if I'm taken care of during my stay, will tip a larger amount when I leave. If I go to the buffet, I'll tip the wait staff. For housekeeping, it varies. Sometimes I tip every day a few bucks or just leave a bigger tip at the end of the trip.

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    paul and i do similar as SUNNY
    alas we have not stayed at the Tamarijn in probably 4 yrs.
    love that place.


    Quote Originally Posted by Sunny Beaches View Post
    Jerry, we stay at the Tam. What we do is tip bartenders what we do at home a couple of drinks a couple of bucks, normally maybe a couple of extra first time, then they remember you a Little more & know they get what they deserve as for service. Dinners at the resort restaurants same as at home depends on service. Room Service we go with $5.00 per day, not up front(but many first day) you should leave a note for room service, as most likely they will not take it if they are not sure it is for them .

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    Divi and Tam


    We’ve been to the Divi 3 times now and will be going again in a week. What we’ve done in the past is tip a few bucks at lunch and dinner for the servers and give bar tenders a buck or two here and there. At night we’ll give our favorite bartenders a 5 or 10 tip and you won’t have to worry about waiting for a drink for the rest of your vacation.

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