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Thread: Walking distance to certain hotels?

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    Walking distance to certain hotels?

    Hey all,

    I've only been to Aruba once before, and am trying to remember and a get a hold on the geographics. For instance, if we are staying at amsterdam manor, can you walk to Bucuti, Manchebo, and other low rise hotels without much problem? Also, whabout walking to the Westin from that area?



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    The first resorts you mentioned are all relatively close to one another and an easy walk down the beach. The Westin is on Palm Beach in the high rise area and is a bit of a further walk, some of which must be done along the roadside and cliff's edge, in other words, there is no beach in most of the area until you arrive at the Divi Phoenix.

    Amsterdam Manor to the Westin is a mile each way.

    Interactive Map of Aruba

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