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Thread: La Cabana Summer Sizzler Sale

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    La Cabana Summer Sizzler Sale

    A heads-up about La Cabana Beach Resort and Casino. This resort is a successful cooperative timeshare property with a certain inventory of fixed weeks owned by the co-op itself, due to owner repossessions. They just announced a "Summer Sizzler Sale" where these weeks will be offered for sale at discounts at either 20% or 40% off usual re-sale prices, depending on season and location. At previous times these were offered only to existing fixed-week owners. For this sale, the general public will be able to purchase directly from the La Cabana web site between July 1 and September 30, at which time remaining weeks will be re-listed at increased prices. Excellent time to acquire a week if interested. You may see further marketing for this sale shortly.

    The web site is up and running now:

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