For those early planners, I have an offer for you!

I have the 2 bdrm of a 3 bdrm villa at the SURF CLUB Jan. 2nd- 5th available to rent. This unit is located in the Compass building and is classified Oceanview. This 2 bdrm unit is larger than the regular one. You enter a long hallway/entryway with a full walk-in laundry room and then arrive at a spacious 2 bdrm villa. The biggest difference in this unit is the 2nd bdrm. There are 2 full size beds and a larger bathroom compared to the other unit which only has one bed and a pull out sofa.

This is an ideal situation for those that want to stay a few days longer than a week. We will be staying in the studio portion of this unit (which runs off the long hallway and is excellent for privacy for both parties) so we will have to figure out how we will divide the taxes on this unit. $950/night, please PM if interested.