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Thread: rental week #51

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    rental week #51

    rental week 51
    Hello everyone! We have a week 51( Christmas week), from Dec19-Dec26,2015, for rent at Paradise Beach Villas(PBV).This a 1Bdrm. unit, with Garden view, sleeps 4 people, and is equipped with all needed perks( stove, microwave, dishwasher etc.)...Rental fee is only $ 1000, and that covers all your common charges and surcharges...we take care of the rest....You just pay this, and enjoy your stay( restaurant charges+internet are not included)...if interested, contact me, and will try to answer any of your prices will be going down soon( I am waiting too till September or October)...Thanks for looking and have a nice day....ohh, and if interested to buy it- we can talk and will discus the $$$. Thanks again.To any interested party, here`s how it works: 1) wee agree on the amount,2) I call reservation service at PBV,and make sure, that your name is on the guest list, and you get a confirmation,3) you send me a payment ...And, everyone is HAPPY.!! How is that sounds...that`s the way we did it last year, and few other in the past. Good luck, and enjoy your day.

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    Sounds perfect !!

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